Volunteer Opportunities

The Deer Creek Fire Protection District (DCFPD) is a combination fire department with both paid and volunteer firefighters. The majority of our members are volunteer. Those who are interested in volunteering will need to fill out an application and return it to Station #1 (20855 N. Meridian Ave., Edmond, OK 73012). 


The DCFPD typically puts on two recruit academies each year. One around the month of January, and one around the month of August (subject to change based on needs). Applicants will be notified as one of these academies is about to start in order to schedule an interview and a CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test). After the interview and CPAT, applicants will be notified as to whether or not they will be in the upcoming academy and informed of the next steps to take with regards to uniforms and paperwork. The academy meets one weekday evening and one weekend day (i.e. Thursday nights and Saturday day) for approximately 3 months. During those 3 months the recruits will complete a hybrid Firefighter I course (online book portion with hands on skills). Upon completion of the academy the recruits will become probationary firefighters for the remainder of their first year.


Probationary firefighters will be given a task book to complete over the remaining 9 months and will be assigned to an “on-call-night.” Our on-call-nights are Sunday-Thursday nights with alternating Friday and Saturday nights. Each night stays an average of 6 nights a month at one of our stations to help provide 24-hour district coverage. We ask that the volunteers arrive at their station as close to the end of dayshift as possible (5:30pm) and stay overnight until as close to the beginning of dayshift as possible (7:00am). Exceptions will be made for work, school, and family issues on an as needed basis. The on-call-nights function as a crew/team as they train, eat, and work together regularly. During the remaining 9 months of probation, we will rotate the probationary firefighters on to different on-call-nights to let them meet more department members and serve under different leadership. 


At the end of their probationary year, the probationary firefighters will have to turn in their completed probationary task books, pass a written exam, and pass a hands on skill exam in order to move on to a membership vote by the other members of the department. Once all exams are passed and the department members vote to accept the probationary firefighter on to the department, they become a firefighter with the Deer Creek Fire Protection District and will be given an oath to uphold.

The DCFPD is heavily dependent on our volunteers to supply staffing for our district 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. We have very high expectations for all of our members. The primary attributes that we require of our volunteers is a true desire to serve others, and the passion to make that desire a commitment to act by spending the time training, working, and standing by to serve the citizens of our district. 


This is why our motto is, “Desire to serve, courage to act.”

You may download and print this document, and send it back via mail. Alternatively you may fill it out electronically or print, scan and upload via our contact form.

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